We are at61 Théordore ViauTerrebonne

New Address: 61, Street Théodore Viau, Terrebonne, J6Y 0G8

In 2016, a growing demand as well as a desire to better serve our customers led us to double the size of our warehouse. Our new address, located in Terrebonne, will allow us to enjoy a 120 000 sq. feet surface area, and would even sustain a second enlargement, if need be. With this new warehouse, we will benefit from an enhanced storage capacity and an optimization of operations, without sacrificing our timeliness and speed of execution.
Many other significant improvements will result from the relocation, and will allow us to remain on of the top Canadian leaders in the body work industry:

  • An on-site tool repair workshop, which will offer body work professionals multiple quality services
  • A completely rethought training room, with state-of-the-art technology
An AB Express store, enlarged in the only purpose of offering an excellent customer service to the body work technicians of the area.

We will have a state-of-the-art training room, which will comprise a teaching space, for theoretical learning, as well as a hands-on space, to put into practice the learned skills.
Both seasoned and apprentice body work technicians will have the opportunity to receive various forms of training and demonstrations by the industry’s professionals. Thanks to this new training room, the AB University will become an important hub of initiation, practice and skills refinement for all the body work technicians.