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A. B. Warehouse, one of the most important autobody supplies wholesaler in Canada!

Discover one of the most important Canadian companies which has been solely and entirely dedicated to offering a complete range of products intended for autobody repairers and industries using paint and sanding products for 30 years.



A. B. Warehouse is offering you everything under one roof!

A. B. Warehouse

An inventory of more than 7,000 products intended for sanding, preparing, repairing and treating surfaces, painting and taking care of autobody, as well as a complete range of related products and specialized tools for autobody repairers, cabinetmakers, the marine and aircraft industries and mass transit vehicles.

A.B. Warehouse environementaly friendly

VOC-free paints or paints pursuant to the new Environment Canada standards at very competitive prices and products meeting Canadian environmental health and safety standards improving employees’ work conditions and helping to preserve the environment.

A.B. catalogue

An annual A.B. catalogue of more than 70 suppliers allowing us to offer you the best products and the latest innovations available on the North American market and a tools catalogue updated every 3 months.

AB Warehouse shops

Extremely competitive prices at all times thanks to our buying power generated by of our client base comprised of more than 6,000 shops and specialized businesses across Canada.

A. B. Warehouse always available products

Products are always available and in large quantities thanks to our 55,000 plus square-foot warehouse, allowing us to ship every order we receive before noon anywhere in Canada on the same day to our distributors.

A.B. Warehouse experts

A qualified and certified team, continuously trained by our manufacturers in our internal test laboratory to offer you information and technical training relating to our products.

A.B. Special Order

A special order service giving you rapid access to all our manufacturers’ products, even the ones we don’t have in stock.

A. B. Warehosue across Canada

A network of 135 distributors across Canada with their own inventory for a fast service.

A. B. Warehouse store

A store adjacent to our warehouse, open 6 days out of 7 for immediate access to your supplies and also to meet our product specialists and our colourists in person for advice.


A. B. Warehouse
The largest product supplier for the autobody, cabinetmaking, marine and aircraft industries. We offer you a complete and diversified range of paints, abrasive products, specialized tools, materials, accessories, paint guns and equipment to paint and treat automotive bodies, primers, varnishes, thinners, solvents, degreasing agents, work clothes, masking tapes, protective gear, finishing, polishing, lustering and welding products, cleaning and maintenance products. Discover the full spectrum of our products in our catalogue.


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