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Entrepots A. B. incA. B. Warehouse Inc. is a family business that was created by André Bertrand in 1979. Originally owner of a fruit and vegetable business and tired of this business, he decided to exploit his passion, selling, to develop a new company in the basement of his family home. Everything started when he bought his first batch of sanding paper that he then intended to sell directly to autobody shops in his area, buyers for this type of products, but also seduced by the services André offered. A visionary, full of energy and gifted with an innate business sense, he quickly and successfully developed what would become a genuine distribution network under the name Distributions A. B.

With the growing success of his business, he constructed a mini storage on his land and in 1986, he bought his first 6,000 square-foot warehouse on de la Seigneurie blvd in Blainville. With this expansion, the company took off the ground and its progress has been ongoing.

His greatest passion, selling, quickly motivated him to take up greater challenges and for many years, he succeeded in developing his product offerings and his territory. Once the distribution network and his company’s reputation were established, he went on a quest for new goals and he helped his business line thrive and shine more and more across the province.

Entrepots A.B.From the start, his children, Nathalie and Patrick were involved in this venture at the administrative and management level as well as in the development of the business. Patrick who was 16 at the time, was offered is first territory along with an associate; he brilliantly took up the challenge and went on to develop his own territory in the Sherbrooke region. In 1990, André invited Patrick to come and join him in the restructuration of the company, which had become the A. B. Warehouse Enriched with new shareholders, including his children, some employees and some front-line distributors, André established his winning team to help give a new dimension to his company. For the next 2 years, father and son worked hand in hand; Patrick had the opportunity to benefit from his father’s sound advice and business teachings until André’s untimely death in 1993 who was only 51 at the time.

Entrepots ABPatrick, who was only 23 at the time, was suddenly propelled to the head of the family business and of a team of 8 employees. Stimulated by his sisters’, Josée’s and Nathalie’s, unconditional support, as well as Dominicke Bilodeau’s and John Nobile’s dedication in response to ferocious and relentless competition, he proceeded to carry on with his father’s work. Armed with his father’s teachings, this young man would quickly prove that he had the shoulders, the qualifications, the character and a strong team to overcome this difficult time.

In 1998, just 5 years after being nominated as president, the company’s excellent results and its constant progress helped him decide to construct a new 24,000 square-foot warehouse on Industriel blvd in Blainville and new employees joined the team.

Entrepots A.B. inc.Today, A. B. Warehouse’s top management, comprised of Patrick, Josée, Nathalie and Dominicke, as well as their team, is proud of the accomplished work and the progress they have made. The company has become a leader in autobody material sales in Quebec, far ahead if its competitors. Its storage capacity has expanded to more than 55,000 square feet and a future company placement planned will allow them to build a 100,000 square-foot warehouse. With more and more clients, suppliers and referenced products, and having conquered Quebec, since 2002, Patrick and his team have been working on making the A. B. Warehouse the number one company in the field across Canada.

Words From Our President


Patrick In 1993, when I was only 22 years old, I was entrusted with the helm of AB Warehouse Inc. First disconcerted by all this turbulence in my life, I gained confidence in reminiscing the countless business teachings my father left me before his journey’s end. Armed with this valuable legacy, I set out to conquer the very success my father intended for his business.

Today, a few twenty years later, I could not be any prouder of the progress made. My devoted team and I have built a company where growth and improvement are at the heart of everyone’s concern, where professional fulfilment is a priority, and where the words dedication and loyalty still find their meaning.

AB Warehouse’s future is brimming with thrilling opportunities. Our customers’ enthusiastic response to the AB Express’ franchises leads me to feel confident about a Canada-wide distribution network, which will be, of course, supplied by our well-known distribution center. My objective is to multiply tenfold the number of AB Express stores from sea to sea. I am convinced that this project, which particularly means a lot to me, will bring its share of new hires, new partnerships, and an unprecedented expansion.

To all of my clients, I want to thank you for actively participating in our growth and success. Some of you have been our customers for more than 30 years, and your endless loyalty is a true testimony of the faith you have in my team and I. To have built strong and amicable relationships with you represents a real source of pride for me. A very special thanks is reserved to the owners of AB Express franchises, who dove head first with me in this new and exciting adventure.

It is with immense determination and passion that I approach this new chapter of AB Warehouse’s story, because as my father always said, ‘’sales is the greatest profession in the world!’’. 

Patrick Bertrand

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Vision and philosophy:
A. B. Warehouse’s priority is to provide you with service and excellent products. Our slogan : "Everything under one roof" allows us to support the success of you business by streamlining your procurements, by quickly meeting all your needs at all times, but most of all to follow through with our advice and technical support. We endeavour to "always offer you the best from the best" so you’re able to concentrate on what is critical: Making your business thrive.

Our way of doing things:
To get this great chemistry in order to always offer you an excellent service, we always listen to you and we are ready to offer you a solution to all your needs!

Understanding your expectations is at the heart of our concerns; it helps us find everything we can bring to you and to offer you customized products and services.

Our priority:
Maintain good communications with you to build a long-lasting collaboration and to provide you with a reliable and efficient service, to help us meet your expectations and to always provide you satisfaction.

Our goal:
Be it for our team, our suppliers or or clients, we always ensure that we are the best in our field so everybody is a winner. With this line of conduct, we can offer the best at the best price.